There’s an old saying,” you don’t know somebody until you walk a mile in their shoes”.  That phrase is taken literally in this episode.  Minds are being swapped mysteriously and the Scooby gang are the primary victims.  Dwight and Gloria’s minds are swapped, as with Nathan and Duke’s as well.  But the most interesting pair are Vince and Dave.  It’s pretty comical watching Dwight and Gloria struggle with their new bodies.  The banter between the geriatric medical examiner and the physically fit Sasquatch police chief is priceless.  The big question is, how is this Trouble picking and choosing its’ victims?  To answer that question we look at a murder investigation at the local psychiatric home.  Nathan takes Mara to the murder scene in the hopes that Audrey would resurface when trying a case that involves a Trouble victim.

It looks like your typical murder investigation when a psychiatric employee and a patient are found dead there.  Dwight, Gloria, Nathan, and Mara arrive at the crime scene.  The cause of death is choking, but what Gloria found out was just one of the victim’s neck is crushed while the other victim didn’t have any injury.  Haven - Season 5All of a sudden Dwight and Gloria start acting funny.  They both realize that their minds are switched.  Dwight is in Gloria’s body, and Gloria is in Dwight’s body.  Nathan is a little amused by this, but realized that any Trouble, no matter how trivial it is, can lead to harmful consequences.

While the group in Haven is having an identity crisis, Vince is on the search for answers about Dave’s adoption and the truth about CROATOAN, and how it is connected with him.  Unfortunately, the Trouble has latched onto them as well.  Vince travels to Mateo, North Carolina and stops at a local eatery named The Old Croatoan.  He meets with the owner of the restaurant and asks about why it is called that.  She introduced herself as Elizabeth Doohan, and tells him about the town’s historical legend and myth.  He’s about to get more information until the swapping starts.  Dave suddenly wakes up in Vince’s body and vice versa.  Vince who is in Dave’s body now is back in Haven, trying to figure out what just happened.  Vince, Dave’s body , starts to head out towards North Carolina where Dave (in Vince’s body) is at.

Back at the Gull, Duke and Nathan try to come up with a plan to fight Mara.  But Nathan is needed back at the station where Dwight and Gloria are at, leaving Duke and Mara alone.  Audrey wakes up when Duke is the only one there.  He tries to use the same tactic back at the cabin where he would recall memories of Audrey and flashbacks to suppress Mara.  It starts to work, that’s until Duke and Nathan switched minds.  Audrey keeps trying to relive memories of her and Duke in Colorado where they kissed.  Nathan (in Duke’s body) hears what happened between them, and is shocked and feels betrayed by Duke.  Duke (Nathan’s body) calls Nathan (Duke’s body), trying to convince him that the woman in there is not Audrey and Mara is toying with them.

Nathan, Dwight and Gloria start piecing things together as to how this new Trouble works.  People who have secrets get affected by the curse. So it is understandable that Nathan and Duke, Dwight and Gloria; and Vince and Dave get the curse.  Vince and Dave are able to uncover more of Dave’s past when they discover that the house where he grew up belongs to the owner of The Old Croatoan. Haven S5E5 01The house has been around for decades, but she never recalls any David Teague living there.  Vince (Dave’s body) snoops around the restaurant and find a computer with a phone number written on a post it.  He calls it and discovers it to be Haven’s psychiatric home.  Dave and Vince video chat with Dwight, Gloria, and Nathan back in Haven.  They find that a family member of Elizabeth Doohan is a resident there at the Psychiatric home, Jeffrey Doohan, and that he is responsible of the Trouble.  Duke (Nathan’s body) arrives at the Psych ward, only to accidentally help Jeffrey escape.  Vince and Dave are still in Mateo, North Carolina trying to uncover more information by going back to the house where Dave grew up.  They find an active ‘Thinny’ in the back of the house; Dave is suddenly drawn to it.  The mystery of Dave starts to unravel.

First I would like to apologize to my Truth readers; my last recap had the incorrect episode number.  It is not episode five that was titled “Much Ado About Mara”, that was episode four.  This is episode five, and this one is a two part story.  Part two concludes next week on Friday at 7pm.  I’m sorry.

This episode digs deeper into the legend and myth of the disappearing settlers in Roanoke and Dave’s involvement with the Thinny.  It also uncovers secrets between Duke and Audrey.  Even though this episode has some dark moments it is enjoyable to see the main characters poke fun at each other.