Before I start my recap and review, I would like to apologize to my readers.  I made an error on a character’s name in my last recap.  I mentioned that Elizabeth is the name of the owner of the Old Croatoan, when in fact her name is Allison Doohan, sorry about that folks.

The episode starts off by Jeffrey escaping Haven Psychiatric and overtaking a taxi. The main characters are still in switch mode.  Nathan and Duke realize that Mara is toying with them, making them think that they still are talking to Audrey.  However, Mara doesn’t know about the Trouble causing Freak Friday to Duke, Nathan, Gloria, Dwight, Dave and Vincent. Duke and Nathan think that they can use Mara’s ploy to their advantage.  Still hoping that bringing Mara on an investigation can draw out Audrey, they go to Haven Psychiatric to find clues about Jeffery’s history with the place.  Duke is getting worse, if he doesn’t’ release a Trouble within him he will die, but he still soldiers on.

Dave and Vince are still in North Carolina trying to get more information about Dave’s adoption and his mysterious past.  They confront Allison about Jeffrey and why he is at Haven Psychiatric.  Allison confesses that the person in Haven Psychiatric is actually Skip, her husband, in Jeffrey’s body, and that Jeffrey is in Skip’s.  Jeffrey discovered that Skip cheated on her, and confronted him about it, that is what triggered the Trouble in Jeffrey.  With the body switch, Jeffrey finally gets to have what he’s always wanted, Allison.  She placed Skip (Jeffrey’s body) in Haven’s Psychiatric to keep him safe and hidden from the public.  Dave and Vince is stunned that Allison knew about Jeffrey’s Trouble all this time. Haven s5e6 01 Allison’s mother told her about Haven and how they are able to deal with people like him.  Vince realizes that by visiting Mateo, North Carolina and going to the restaurant where they meet the Doohans, it caused Jeffrey (Skip’s body) to enhance his curse and caused Dave and Vince to switch.  They believe that bringing Jeffrey (Skip’s body) to Haven and confront his brother Skip (Jeffrey’s body) that it can undo the curse.

Nathan (Duke’s body) and Mara is at the Haven Psychiatric talking to the employees.  He finds a way to bring Mara into a secure room and to have Duke (Nathan’s body) lock them in.  Nathan (Duke’s body) tries to release a specific Trouble, a reincarnation curse, but fails because Nathan (Duke’s body) is having trouble concentrating on releasing the curse. Duke (Nathan’s body) storms in and tries to help Nathan (Duke’s body).  Mara finds out that these two switched bodies and uses the opportunity to escape.  They knew that she will be heading for Jeffrey, trying to prevent Nathan (Duke’s body) from curing Jeffrey and killing him in the process.  They realize that in order to bring Audrey back is to re-switch bodies with each other and have Duke release the specific curse at Mara.

Mara finds Skip (Jeffrey’s body) at the train station with Dwight (Gloria’s body) and Gloria (Dwight’s body).  Mara shoots Gloria (Dwight’s body) and Mara takes Skip (Jeffrey’s body) away.

Dave and Vince are back at Allison’s house hoping to get Jeffrey (Skip’s body) to go back with them to Haven and see Skip (Jeffrey’s body) and end their Trouble.  Jeffrey (Skip’s body) refuses and walks away.  Vince (Dave’s body) is suddenly pulled towards the Thinny that is on the side of the house.  Dave (Vince’s body), Jeffrey (Skip’s body) are able to prevent Vince (Dave’s body) from entering the Thinny.  Jeffrey (Skip’s body ) changes his mind and decides to go with them, after what he just saw.  The three are driving towards Haven when Vince (Dave’s body) gets a vision of a half naked man being chased through the woods.  Something grabs hold of the half naked man and kills him, but before he dies he scratches something on a tree…..CROATOAN.  Vince (Dave’s body) wakes up and crashes into a tree.

Nathan and Duke are able to find Skip (Jeffrey’s body) and Mara at a local warehouse, and are able to apprehend them.  Dwight (Gloria’s body) meets Vince, Dave, and Jeffrey (Skip’s body) at the hospital where Vince (Dave’s body) is being treated for the car accident, and tells them that they have the other brother at the Gull.  The brothers finally meet for first time many years.  After years of being apart, the animosity towards one another is gone, they embrace and the curse is lifted.

Back at the hospital, Vince and Dave’s mind are switched back to their bodies.  Vince finally understands what Dave is going through these past few weeks, and apologizes.  But Vince needs to find out what Dave is hiding from him, since the curse is triggered by secrets.  Dave finally says he remembers another time where he lost a big chunk of time, is when the Colorado kid was murdered, about thirty years ago.  Haven s5e6 02He recalls walking into a green mist and coming out on a beach, only to find the Colorado kid lying next to him dead.  He is afraid he might have killed Audrey’s son, the Colorado kid.  Vince refuses to believe that, but Dave can’t remember anything except just being there.  Allison suddenly walks in and apologizes for anything that Jeffrey and Skip has done.  She then tells them about her mother, and her family’s history in Mateo, North Carolina.  However, she doesn’t recall any adoption that occurred in her home.  Vince showed her the adoption papers, and she is stunned to find Agent Howard’s picture.  She says that he came to her mother ten years ago and tried to buy her home.  She is confused at the age of the photo, because it looks like it was taken in the 1930’s.  Allison goes on telling them about the legend of the lost colonists of Roanoke and the stories told of a green mist and its power to invoke fear and anger to anyone who enters it.  Plus there was a story where a trading tribe found the town of Roanoke deserted, but can’t remember how long they were gone for.  They also found a word scratched on the side of a house at Roanoke …….CROATOAN.

Back at the Gull, Nathan and Duke are overjoyed to have their bodies back.  They resume their plan to free Audrey from Mara.  Duke is able to release the specific Trouble, and a powerful explosion of light knocks them down.  A body is found on the floor unconscious.  It is Audrey, but Mara is still around.  Now there are two of them.

Next episode is going to be fun.  Now that Audrey is back, is she here for good, or is Mara going to create more havoc with the Scooby gang?  Are Haven and Roanoke connected?  Who is Dave and how does he tie in with CROATOAN?  Myths and legends become reality and the truth is becoming more frightening to reveal.