Nathan is still stuck in sort of “phased” limbo, while Audrey, Duke, and Seth (a ghost hunter that visited Haven a while back searching for the Thin Man).  People are killed in the “phased” state, and time is running out for Nathan and his new ghostly friend, Morgan to find the killer.

Haven S5E8 01The Good

  • We get to see more of Duke’s troublesome and sad past, as he quid pro quo’s Mara into helping Duke find the clues to cure this week’s trouble.  But for Duke to get Mara to open up, they need to get stupid drunk with lots and lots of bourbon and spill his darkest moments from his childhood.
  • Seth makes a guest appearance as the technological ghost hunter with a little comic relief on the side.  It is nice to see some levity being brought into a serious drama.
  • It’s nice seeing Audrey use her detective skills, and not her immunity Trouble powers to help Nathan this time.  It shows me that she has more talent and brainpower than just a pretty face.
  • It gets reveal to Mara that when Duke released Audrey, Mara still remained.  She thinks that since Duke was the one released that specific curse, he had control over it, and that Duke subconsciously kept Mara behind some reason.

The Bad

  • Vince and Dave’s story is being set aside this week for the main story focusing on Nathan’s problem.  It felt like they were just fillers this time.
  • The Trouble of the week is a little disappointing compared to other ones that we have seen in the past few weeks.  I’m not criticizing the people who are cursed, but a trouble that captures its victims in a photo “phased” curse isn’t as dangerous nor very interesting.

Haven S5E8 02In Conclusion

This episode took us in many directions: some entertaining, and some a little dull, but all in all a good episode.  The Guard is beginning to unravel slowly with Dwight gone.  An old and familiar face helps out the Scooby gang this week, and I hope I see him again, he is fun to watch.  The Vinny and Dave’s story is taking a very dangerous turn for the worst for Haven, and that will be the focal point of next week’s episode.  The town of Haven won’t be a secret anymore.


Next week on Haven: “Morbidity”