He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is one of those properties that gets shopped around Hollywood every couple of years about re-making the Dolph Lundgren versison for the big screen. Today, we get news that the John Chu (Step Up 2) directed film, is finally getting a writer. It seems that Richard Wenk, whose previous work includes 16 Blocks, The Mechanic, and co-writer on Expendables 2, is slated to try and tackle the cartoon-turned-toy-turned-movie. I remember a few years back when this property was trying to get made and a script leaked out. I didn’t read the whole thing but the highlights were two swords, one good, one evil, and they were needed to forge the history of Eternia. It was very epic and very cool, and I can only hope that Wenk’s script comes somewhere closer to fantasy, than the cross-world jumping that happened in the Lundgren version. As much as I enjoy Frank Langella‘s, Skeletor, in that movie; it lacked a LOT.

We’ll keep you more posted as time goes on, and this movie actually becomes a reality.