Cubus Games is back with another Gamebook App adventure in the classic “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. Not too long ago we shared our thoughts on their last game The Sinister Fairground, you can check out our review of the game here. This time Cubus Games is taking us to the stars with Heavy Metal Thunder! Head on over to the official site for more information on this upcoming game! Heavy Metal Thunder is written and designed by Kyle B. Stiff with art by Marc Gonzalez.


The Invader has taken everything from us…
except our free will.

As humanity rose to its zenith and laid claim to the solar system, there were no celebrations, no cries of victory, no songs of conquest – there were only wry, sarcastic smirks and debates concerning how long it would take humanity to ruin the neighboring planets of the solar system.

Technologically advanced, hyper-militaristic, highly organized… they found in humanity a race bent over and begging to be conquered. They devastated, annihilated, and set up their own system of rule. They took their time in destroying our off-world colonies.
They felt no need to rush, for they had already won the war…
Or so they thought.


Heavy Metal Thunder, from Cubus Games, will hit the iOS App Store this Summer! Look for our review soon! And remember, “a great adventure starts with a choice!”


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