Arrested Development is only a couple weeks into filming, but we are getting even more casting news today. We mentioned last week that John Slattery of ‘Mad Men’ was coming on board as a yet-to-be-revealed character, and even Ron Howard was stepping out in front of the camera. Now, we have news that Henry Winkler will be joining the cast to return as inept lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn. It seems that Winkler has been a little twitter happy, writing ” “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE MEMORIZING an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT scene with MAYBE for today … don’t tell anyone I was here OK?????”

He then went on to tweet another big reveal to the cast, it seems that  Bob Loblaw himself, Scott Baio, is also coming back to the new season. Both actors are scheduled to appear “in many episodes throughout the season.”

Who else will be revealed? All the original cast members, plus others keep creeping up. Maybe my favorite, STEVE HOLT? Or, how’s about George Michael’s girlfriend, Ann? Her?