This is probably one of the best sci-fi shows out there.  I loved the first season and this season looks to be even better.  Again the CDC, Dr. Peter Farragut, Dr. Sara Jordan, and Dr. Kyle Sommers are tracking down clues about a possible outbreak of the Narvik virus 200 miles off the coast of Seattle.  They stumble upon a boat that has only one surviving passenger with everyone else mysteriously dead.  The surviving woman, Leila, tells the CDC about an island where she and her friends took port for a quick rest stop and three days later everyone on her boat went on a murderous rampage.  Dr. Julia Walker is on the island as well and starts doing her own investigation alone with her own agenda.

Helix San Jose 02The Good

  • The mystery thickens with the island of Germaine.
  • New threats take shape for the CDC.
  • For the first episode, Dr. Alan Farragut’s brother, Dr. Peter Farragut takes the reins of this small CDC group that goes to St. Germaine to investigate a possible Narvik virus, and the possibility of its origin.
  • Julia Walker is pursuing a possible lead to the whereabouts of Alan Farragut and a cure for a virus pandemic on St. Germaine, but she gets kidnapped by a stranger that keeps asking her “Do you know the way to San Jose?”
  • Peter and the others take the only survivor on the boat massacre, Leila, to St. Germaine and try to find out how Leila’s shipmates contracted the lethal contagion. Unfortunately, Leila gets murdered in a shack on the island while trying to escape the horrors she sees on the island.
  • Peter and the others find Leila’s body but is surrounded by a group of people in hoods. They take them to their compound deep in the forest of the island.
  • Brother Michael, played by Steven Weber, is creepy and is the leader of this cult. He is hiding something sinister.
  • The kidnapper, Caleb, takes Julia to see Alan Farragut, but finds out that he is dead when she sees his tombstone.
  • At the end of the episode, there is a woman pinned down to a table by a couple of hooded people and having her teeth pulled out. They also force some sort of yellowish substance in her mouth.

Helix San Jose 01The Bad

  • There series of time jumps between present day and thirty years into the future within the episode that it is hard to keep track.  It can be also annoying.
  • Peter, Sara, and Kyle’s story takes place in the present while Julia’s story is thirty years ahead. Why do the timelines have to be split apart?
  • Alan is still alive in the present, still annoying.

The premise of the second season definitely steers us in a different direction.  The origin of the Narvik is still a mystery and possibly St. Germaine Island holds the key to it.  Our brave CDC doctors will have to use their investigative and medical skills to uncover the truth behind the mysterious island and its inhabitants.