This episode is one hell of a chapter, in this crazy series.  Amy’s mental stability is deteriorating rapidly and she is acting like a spoiled child when it comes to not getting what she wants.  Alan is in the woods searching for the ‘Bleeding Tree’.  Julia and Sara are working together to save the human race and Sara’s baby.  Peter and Anne are slowly connecting with each other, spiritually, and emotionally…

Helix Mother 02The Good

  • It is discovered that Landry has stolen the Mother Tree Root and hid it up in the bell tower. Plus it’s revealed he is Anne’s son and has now been transformed into Quasimoto due to Sara’s botched spinal fluid injection.
  • Kyle Sommer is sick and hallucinating.
  • Amy goes crazy trying to find the Mother Tree Root, because Landry can’t help her find it.
  • Sergio kills Landry and Amy possibly kills Sergio, who came with Julia while searching for the Mother Tree Root. Seeing he survived season one I’m sure we’ll see him very soon.
  • Alan and the military troops finally get a signal, but receives bad news that there ship is overrun by the infected.
  • Anne reveals to Peter, Michael’s true leadership power. She gives Peter a choice to either be a leader and take Michael’s place, or be a follower. Anne shows Peter Michael’s dirty little secret of a baby making room with unwilling patients giving birth to Michael’s offspring.
  • Sadly Peter chooses to be a leader like Michael.
  • Amy threatens to kill Sara’s baby, but Julia tells her that the only way to become immortal is to implant Sara’s baby into Amy. Sara freaks out. Amy’s gonna be a mama.
  • Alan and the military troops finally find the Bleeding Tree.

Helix Mother 01The Bad

  • Is Anne crazier than her daughter now that she reveals Peter the baby making room for Michael’s immortal dream?
  • Is the Mother Tree an actual tree? The ‘Bleeding Tree’?
  • Did Sergio die or did he just get a splitting headache from that fall?
  • Can Dr. Kyle Sommer be trusted anymore?
  • Has Julia gone mad by suggesting implanting Sara’s baby into Amy to make her immortal or she is just buying time to find another way to save the child?

This week’s episode definitely revealed lots of secrets and we finally find the ‘Bleeding Tree’.  Maybe the pathogen can be cured, or is it too late.  Has Peter gone over to the crazy side or is he just acting?  It looks like Sara’s baby is about to have two mothers, sort of.  The truth is finally exposed about the Abbey and of Michael’s true intentions. But the real question is, does that make it better or worse?  Next week it looks Amy finally gets what she wants and the military are moving in for containment on the Abbey.


Helix S2E10 ‘Mother’ recap