The CDC team is uninvited guests on St. Germaine Island, but the inhabitants of the abbey give them shelter to protect them from the outside forest.  But things aren’t any better inside.  The behavior of the inhabitants inside the abbey creates suspicions among Dr. Peter Farragut, Dr. Kyle Sommer, and Dr. Sarah Jordan.  Dr. Julia walker is still held up with Caleb, trying to find the cure for the TXM-7 virus that is plaguing the world.

Helix Reunion 01The Good

  • Sarah spots Alan Farragut pretending to be one of the cult followers.
  • An adult follower, Brother Isaac and a boy, named Soren, are sick with some sort of hyperactive fever.
  • Peter, Sarah, and Kyle try to investigate the boy’s illness, but are getting very conflicted answers from the cult followers. Things are not adding up with these people.
  • Sarah is questioning Peter’s CDC leadership skills, and is comparing them to how Alan would handle this. Peter is offended by this.
  • Julia discovers that Alan is not buried at the grave site where he supposedly died. Instead the bones found were female and the one of her hip bones had a map carved inside it.
  • Sarah discovers that the people here are hybrid breeding and cross grafting fruits like apples together for a purpose she doesn’t know.
  • The boy miraculously gets better, but is taken away by an adult follower to the outside of the abbey. There a deformed man takes Soren away into the woods.
  • Julia tells Caleb to take her to the place that is marked on the hip carving. Caleb reluctantly agrees.  When they trail through the forest, Julia notices a child’s skeleton on the ground.  It looks as if it had been eaten by something.
  • Sarah tells Alan that she is pregnant, about 15 months pregnant due to her immortal condition.

Helix - Season 2The Bad

  • Peter is still haunted by his experience in the Arctic with Ilaria. This can lead to more problems if he can’t deal with it.
  • Kyle Sommers is a nice guy, but his presence doesn’t convince me that he is not of much help.
  • Sarah’s sudden announcement really complicates things.
  • Who was that guy that took Soren? Is Soren dead?
  • We still don’t know what kind of pathogen the CDC is dealing with.

This week we get to see how Alan came to be on this island.  The mystery of the people at the abbey still eludes me.  What are they cooking up in the orchard?  Why is Alan really on the island and why is he so frightened of Brother Michael’s purpose?  Julia starts to dig deeper into what happened thirty years ago on St. Germaine with help of Caleb, but I don’t think she is going to like what she is going to find out.