The CDC doctors: Sarah, Peter, and Kyle are being stone walled by the followers in the abbey.  A new threat develops within the group of followers, and Alan draws closer to whatever they are doing in the abbey.  Julia tracks down an old family member on the island and it is not the reunion she expected.

Helix Scion 01The Good

  • Sister Amy is slowly taking control of the abbey, and causing a lot of grief for the CDC.
  • Kyle is getting too close to finding out what happened to Soren. Amy brainwashes the kids to take care of Dr. Kyle Sommers, by using a neurotoxin called Seraphim Breathe to make the children beat Kyle into a bloody pulp.  “Sunshine Day” sung by the Brady Bunch, plays in the background as Kyle is being struck by rocks.
  • Peter and Sarah finds out what happened to the people that are being thrown out of the abbey. They become feral and cannibalistic that show symptoms of the pathogen that killed the shipmates.
  • Julia finds her long lost father, Hiroshi Hataki, on the island of Germaine. He is suffering from delusions of seeing his son, Daniel, and his wife.  He drugs her with truth serum and discovers that she is dying.  He takes Julia to meet her mother and brother who are decomposed corpses.
  • Sarah finds out that the pathogen may have originated inside the abbey, and their work on plant grafting, hybrid plant cross breeding, and seed manipulation may be something to do with the pathogen.
  • Sarah wants Alan to help, but Peter refuses and reminds her that Alan killed a lot of people in Paris when he took out the Ilaria headquarters trying to find Julia, But he said he will talk to him alone first.
  • When Alan is looking for clues about the abbey’s true motives, Peter blindsides him knocking him unconscious.

Helix Scion 02The Bad

  • Who is running the abbey, Brother Michael or Sister Amy?
  • Why is Hiroshi Hataki acting like a crazy person and treating Julia that way?
  • What ever happened to Soren? Is he dinner or something far worse?
  • Why are the children kept in fear of the adults?
  • Sister Amy is becoming more of a monster than Brother Michael
  • Why doesn’t Peter just let it go about what Alan did in Paris? Sarah did.
  • What is the pit that Lizzie mentioned to Kyle that Soren was afraid of going to if he broke the rules?

The story is progressing nicely, and the characters are finally showing their true colors.  I still don’t know what Brother Michael is doing to his followers and Sister Amy is slowly becoming a menace.  She has no morals and conscience when using the children to her advantage.  Julia is in trouble at the hands of her father.  What is Hataki planning to do to her?  Things are not going well for the CDC, and there going to get worse in the next episode.

Helix S2E3 “Scion” recap