The doctors from the CDC are getting closer to finding out more about the pathogen and how it is being carried.  Sara tries to get more answers about Soren and with his disappearance.  Julia’a family reunion with her father takes a deadly turn, and Alan helps out the CDC, risking his undercover mission with the Abbey.

Helix Densho 02The Good

  • “Flight of the Bumblebee” plays while the followers pick the fruit from the orchard trees. One of them gets stung, and acts crazy, killing a female follower.
  • Sara, and Kyle find Peter tending to Alan’s wounds at their lab. They inform Alan about their findings on the pathogen, which they call it mychoctic (myco-fungal, and psychotic).
  • Sara believes that Soren is the key to curing this illness, since he is only one that got better, but they can’t find him.
  • Julia is strapped to an operating table. Hataki is prepping her for “therapy”, to ingest a white fluid substance that he believes will help her.
  • Hataki gets distracted with his imaginary son that wants to go fishing. The theme from “Andy Griffith Show” plays while they go off fishing together.  Julia tries to break free of the operation table straps, but is unsuccessful.
  • Brother Michael is unhappy with his head Sisters on handling the CDC situation. He wants everything to go back to normal.  The three sisters; Sister Grace, Sister Anne, and Sister Amy, fight amongst themselves.  They mention about Mother and doesn’t want to disappoint her?
  • Who is Mother?
  • While investigating more of the vineyard, Kyle stumbles upon a wall filled with the yellow ooze. He takes a sample and discovers it to be a high fructose, highly degradable, and ingestible fluid.
  • Julia finally escapes and fights Hataki with katanas and axes. She is mortally wounds Hataki, and is wounded as well.
  • Sara gets stabbed by Sister Olivia after talking to her about Brother Michael’s deception and her missing son.
  • Alan sees Peter call Ilaria on a satellite phone.

Helix Densho 01The Bad 

  • More questions, not enough answers.
  • I still don’t know about the yellowish fluid. What was the white fluid that Hataki was going to give Julia and did he actually give her the fluid?
  • If they are immortal, then why did it look as if Hataki died at the end of the episode?

This is a good episode.  Peter’s involvement with Ilaria is troubling, and an old familiar character has popped up with Ilaria.  Sara’s condition seems perilous, and Julia’s fate is undetermined now that she wounded and bleeding.  Brother Michael’s perfect utopia is crumbling around him and we finally get to see what he is capable of.

Helix S1E4 “Densho” recap