This week is a flashback to where Julia is at Ilaria headquarters discovering their horrific plan for human cleansing for the world using Narvik-C, and its cure.  The doctors on the island face a new batch of mycotics that threaten the people in the Abbey, and Brother Michael’s ultimate plan is exposed.

Helix M Domestica 01The Good

  • Ilaria’s dream for a purified world is exposed. It includes a 75% reduction of the world’s population using Narvik-C as a killing virus, and saving the ones who Ilaria choose worthy with the cure.  In a word, “genocide” with a master race of immortals ruling it.
  • Brother Michael pretends to mourn for Sister Agnes. He asks Sister Anne to prepare her daughter Amy for the “planting ritual”
  • The “planting ritual” is a neutral way of saying Brother Michael keeps his lineage in the family. Since we now know that Michael is an immortal, he wants an immortal child.
  • Sister Amy knows about Sara and her immortality and her baby. She asks Brother Landry to bring Sara to her instead of handing her to Michael like he asked.
  • A new outbreak of Mycotics terrorizes the people in the Abbey. Sister Anne is framed for the outbreak by Amy , because Anne is getting too close to exposing Amy and her involvement of the new outbreak.
  • Kyle and Sara discover that the Domestica, the common apple in the orchard is not the source of the mycotoxins in the honey, but the honey does carry the mycotoxins that poisoned the people.
  • Julia finds an ally in Ilaria with one of its board members, Madam Wallenberg. Wallenberg directs Julia to another renegade immortal, a 12 year old girl, Mademoiselle Durant, that has lived for hundreds of years.  She shows Julia a pendant of the symbol of a tree at the Abbey on St. Germaine Island.  She said there you will find another immortal that can help her stop Ilaira’s genocidal plan.
  • Landry poisons Alan with the Seraphim’s Breath to force him to kidnap Sara and bring her to Michael or Amy. I’m not sure which one.

Helix M Domestica 02The Bad

  • It seems like evil runs in the family. Michael is using his daughters to breed him an immortal child, and Amy is poisoning the people with mycotoxins to escape the island.  She is also poisoning the people’s minds with fear and paranoia.
  • Peter is still in the Oubliette.

Sarah is taken by the brainwashed Alan, Peter is still imprisoned by Michael, and Kyle is alone with a new group of mycotics out there just waiting to snap into a murderous rage.  Amy is eliminating anybody who stands in her way, including her mother.  Michael’s disturbing plan to keep his family legacy is revealed and Ilaria finally shows its true intentions for the world. We also find out how Julia came to know about St.Germaine Island, and what is she actually doing there.


Helix S1E6 ‘M.Domestica’ recap