Brother Michael’s dream of a utopian society is starting to crumble.  The start of a new batch of mycotics bring chaos and lack of confidence from the followers with how Michael is handling things.  Sara is found on a operating table in a unfamiliar place in the Abbey.  Peter and Ann are together in the Oubliette, and Amy fights with Michael about her destiny or path.

Helix Cross Pollination 01.jpgThe Good

  • We find out that Michael is over four hundred years old and French. He killed his wife, her lover, and his bastard son by locking them in a house and burning it to the ground.
  • Julia discovers that it is Michael who is the renegade immortal that she has to find, and that he is the only hope for mankind from being wiped out by Ilaria’s genocidal plan.
  • Sara’s baby is gone, and she finds out that Alan is “involved”, even though he adamantly tells her that he was drugged.
  • Peter and Anne are prison mates in the cell. Peter tries to convince Anne that Michael is crazy, but Ann refuses to believe that, and that Michael knows what is best for the followers.
  • Amy tells Michael that she will not be a part of his plan to reproduce, and that many others feel that he is losing control. Michael tells Amy he knows that she framed Anne and Landry is her accomplice and her “lover”.  He admires her for that.
  • Michael decides that his flock needs “thinning”, in order for his pure society to flourish, and with Amy as the “mother of this society”.
  • Kyle overhears Michael’s plan while hiding in Michael’s botany lab. He finds Peter and Ann and breaks them out, but when he tells them about Michael’s “thinning” agenda, she is terrified.  It’s going to be another Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, aka a mass suicide.
  • Michael arrives at the dining hall where all the non-sick followers are. He tells them a lie about the CDC, and that everything is going to be alright.  He distributes a cocktail drink to everybody saying that this will help them get better.  Everybody gets violently ill and dies.
  • Peter, Anne, and Kyle are too late to stop Michael.

Helix Cross Polination 02The Bad

  • Julia didn’t get enough screen time this week.
  • I’m not sure who is evil anymore. At first I thought Amy is, but then as we get to dig deeper into Michael’s dark and twisted mind, he is certifiably nuts.
  • Amy is still locked up in Michael’s botany lab.

The backstory of Michael gives us a rather disturbing perspective about who he is and what he is capable of.  Sara’s trust in Alan is broken after what he did to her.  Brother Michael’s perfect society is more, literally.  He kills everybody, at least the non-infected, and the infected will die out soon.  Will his madness continue or will it be stopped by the CDC or Ilaria?  We shall see next week.



Helix S2E7 ‘Cross Pollination’ recap