Sorry about last weeks recap, but I got the highlights of last week’s episode from the intro to this week.  For those who missed it, the CDC has sent an armed group to evacuate the island due to a mass number of infected that reached the main land.  Michael is caught in an intimate position with Amy and is thrown in the Oubliette.  Sara’s baby is being held by Amy to blackmail Sara in making her immortal.  AND Amy has taken over the Abbey!

Helix Ectogenesis 01The Good

  • We get to see how the mycotics are surviving outside the Abbey walls. In a nutshell, cannibalism, honey, and red sap are the dietary requirement for these mycotics.
  • Amy is spiraling down a dark path with attempting to kill a child to become immortal. Unfortunately, she is not alone.  The remaining followers are convinced that Amy can do better job running the Abbey than her mother, Anne.
  • Anne is cast out by the followers and now she and Peter are working together to fight back.
  • Julia and Sergio find the Abbey. Oh yeah, Julia is now in the present and not thirty years in the future.  They want Michael’s infertility biotech.  Anna is not as helpful, but Peter aggress to help but with a heavy financial price and immunity from Ilaria’s wrath.
  • Sara agrees to help Amy become immortal to save her baby. Amy refuses to wait until Alan gets back and decides to perform the procedure of removing the immortal spinal fluid from Sara’s spine.
  • While trying to find the mycotics, Kyle is kidnapped by Cadmus and Carol, a couple of mycotics. He discovers Soren is there being held against his will with one eye gouged for food for the mycotics.
  • Amy successfully draws out the spinal fluid, but is paranoid that Sara might do something to poison her. Landry volunteers to take the fluid.  He reacts to it violently, and Amy believes Sara trying to kill her, so she goes after the baby.
  • Julia finds out that the infertility solution is in the seedless apples grown from the orchard where the orchard gets it nutrition from a tree the followers call Mother. Amy discovers someone has taken Mother.
  • Kyle tries to escape his captors, but realizes the only way to truly escape them is by infecting himself so they won’t eat him. It works, and just as the mycotics were about to kill him, Alan and the CDC troopers find him and kill them.  Kyle tells Alan that he had to infect himself to save himself and now he has three days to find the cure or he will go crazy.

Helix Ectogenesis 02The Bad

  • Nada

This week’s episode is a good one.  Michael is taken down, but another crazy person takes over, Amy.  Where is Soren now?  Where is the Mother Tree, who has taken it?  While some questions get answered this week, there’s still a lot more unanswered.  The Abbey is hides more secrets that the CDC needs to uncover before the truth is exposed.

Helix S2E9 ‘Ectogenesis’ recap