Have you ever though about how hard it would be to be a Sidekick? Standing in the shadow of a superhero? Not getting the respect you deserve, but probably doing most of the work. That’s the core concept behind the newest comic by Russell Brettholtz, Sidekicks. He’s already completeed the first issue, but needs your help to get the other three issues.

By heading to Kickstarter, Brettholtz is able to connect to his supporters and offer them some fantastic rewards for their contribution. From physical copies of the comic, to t-shirts, to exlusive artwork and posters; you can get yourself some amazing Sidekicks swag.

If Sidekicks can reach $6000 in funding by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, March 22, one Backer who has pledged at the $15 or higher level will be selected at random to receive a page of original art from Sidekicks #1. You will be able to choose from the attached three pages.

Contest ImageCheck out the campaign by clicking on the link HERE. Make sure you also check out