As many of you know, Fright Night is one of our favorite horror movies of all time at DFAT. Take a listen to Gourmet Scum Radio‘s podcast devoted to it if you don’t believe us, or WATCH the “live” stream! When we heard that Dead Mouse Productions had teamed up with the creator of the film, Tom Holland, to put out a new documentary; we knew this was going to be huge news!

Dead Mouse and Holland have decided to go the crowdfunding approach to get you the best quality product for your money. They are currently stake-deep into a Kickstarter campaign where you can get a bloodbath’s worth of rewards.

By heading over to the Kickstarter you can snag rewards such as a T-Shirt, Poster, a slew of autographs and more! If you’re like us, you’ve been begging for more behind-the-scenes and interviews from this beloved film and ‘You’re So Cool, Brewster’ is going to deliver! Along with the campaign updates, you can also follow the doc on Facebook for their most up-to-date information.

Please support this amazing project and see the story of Fright Night see the light of dawn…for real!Youre So Cool Brewster Poster