Imagine that you have had a little windfall. It’s $1,000, and you decide to spend it on improving your home gaming experience. What should you spend it on?

The reality is that $1,000 is a lot of money in real terms, but it’s almost chicken feed when it comes to gaming. Look around at the prices of the latest, top-spec gaming PCs, and you will find that they cost far more.

So the big question is, what should you spend it on to give your gaming experience a boost? Let’s take a look at some of your options!

The DIY Desktop

While off-the-shelf gaming PCs can cost anything from $2,000 upwards, if you are prepared to build it yourself, $1,000 can get you a mighty fine alternative to feed your addiction. There are some great guides out there that you can follow, and while you won’t get the best for under $1,000, you can certainly save a fortune by taking the DIY route.

A new TV or monitor

If you are happy with your PC or console, think about investing in a new display. Screen size is vital in modern gaming, and the more you see, the better your experience will be. Take a look around for the best 50 inch tv under $999 at an absolute minimum – and go bigger if you have space. You will find you can pick out far more detail with a larger screen and your games experience will improve immeasurably.

A better gaming chair

OK, so even we would say that spending $1,000 on a gaming chair is a little excessive. But it’s free money, right? And, there could be many health benefits of taking the ergonomic route. After all, the more hardcore gamer you are, the longer you will be spending sitting down in front of your screen. And if you want to avoid posture and back issues, it makes sense to spend big. The best chairs for gaming out there right now come complete with guarantees for a minimum of ten years. You can also expect fantastic back support, ultimate comfort, and exceptional style.

High-end accessories

The difference a better keyboard, mouse, and accessories can make to your gaming experience can be incredible. The best mouse will give you razor sharp reaction times, and precise control over the action. The best keyboards are backlit, incredibly sensitive, and comfortable to use. And accessories such as a pair of high-end headphones can help you hear a virtual pin drop on the noisiest of online battlefields. $1,000 should easily get you some incredible accessories – and still, leave you some change for a bottle of champagne or two to toast your new found gaming successes.

OK, so there you have it – the best ways to spend $1,000 on improving your gaming experience. As you can see, a thousand bucks won’t get you too far, but it will give you a much better chance of becoming a better gamer. What about you – what would you spend your free $1,000 on?