It’s a pirate’s life for you! The good people at KORION Interactive have released their pirate sim Of Ships and Scoundrels and you can get early access in STEAM now! Check out the official release and trailer below!

Hoist the Mainsails! Of Ships & Scoundrels is Now Available on PC

Ahoy Mateys! Developer KORION Interactive is thrilled to raise the Jolly Roger and announce that the long-awaited strategy game Of Ships & Scoundrels has set a course for the high seas and wild waters of Steam Early Access! Boasting an intense mix of action and turn-based strategy, Of Ships & Scoundrels throws players into the adventure of a lifetime, ripe with unknown lands waiting to be explored and conquered.

Of Ships & Scoundrels sails into Early Access with four immersive missions in the single-player campaign and offers a thrilling multiplayer experience, as well as a local hotseat mode for up to four players. That’s not all — no two pirating excursions will be the same as all of the maps and quests ‘ARRR’ procedurally generated! As commander of a growing fleet, players steer their battleships through beautiful scenery, battle friends and foes, and forge dubious alliances!

Key Features of Of Ships & Scoundrels include: 

  • Procedurally generated islands in a Caribbean setting offer nearly endless variation
  • Local and online multiplayer for up to four players
  • Gripping gameplay that masterfully combines action and turn-based strategy
  • Day/night cycles and a dynamic weather system
  • A customization and upgrade system lets players tune and level up their ships and fleets, and expand harbors as they fight to become a naval power

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