I haven’t seen Alexandre Aja in a couple years. His last movie was the Piranha remake, which was a really fun and bloody time. Seems that his being under the radar was only to be making a pact with the devil. This pact is resulting in a movie called Horns, and will be starring Daniel Radcliffe. The story centers on Radcliffe’s character awakening after a night of drinking to be not only the number one suspect in his own girlfriends murder case; but also sporting a pair of horns that give him to the power to make people confess their deepest sins. Sounds good enough to me.

Entertainment Weekly has it’s first image from the movie, and Radcliffe had a few words to say about the role.

“To play somebody who, in the midst of a time in his life of great turmoil anyway, undergoes this horrific transformation into a devil character — it was very, very exciting.”

Here’s a synopsis of the fim:

Horns,” a supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery and romance, follows Ig Perrish (Radcliffe), the number one suspect for the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend. Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer.

Horns also stars Juno Temple, Max Minghella, James Remar and Kelli Garner.  If you’d like to read the book of the same name, it’s written by Joe Hill and available at your local bookstore or kindle book store. It’s expected for a release sometime in 2013.

Thanks to EW for the scoop!