“Are We Having Fun Yet?” That’s what Adam Scott will be asking himself when he joins the rest of the time-travelling crew from Hot Tub Time Machine. The movie is going to reunite stars: Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry; but missing will be John Cusack.

adam scott

Since, HTTM is the last good movie he’s made, I’m not really sure why, but I’m a big Adam Scott fan; so I guess that’s the silver lining. Scott will be playing the son of John Cusack, so director Steve Pink is going to have to figure out how all that works out.

Going to the 80’s was genius in the first film, the only thing that could possibly top it, is if they all end up in the Middle Ages. As Army of Darkness, Angel, and Teen Wolf 3 (I’m working on the script) have taught us, going to the Middle Ages is comedic gold.

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