It doesn’t matter about age. Every man needs a den to escape away too. Whether you work full time as a Doctor, or you’re a freelance artist – everyone needs their ‘me time,’ and what better place to have it than in a den?

Do you remember as children the magic we would have inside us? The imagination that made our dens from bed sheets and cushions, into a treehouse in the rainforest! It felt so real, and it was so much fun to do after a boring day at school. But as you get older, the reality of life kicks in, and a bed sheet just becomes a bed sheet. – That’s where gaming comes in. It creates a virtual reality for us to get lost in for a while, and all of our worries and fears vanish.

So who said you were too old to have that den? Here are the 3 most important things you’ll need.

Mini fridge

This is an obvious one! You can’t begin to have your own den if you don’t have a mini fridge to stock your beer and snacks in. There’s no way you have the time to get up and go into the kitchen – you have a responsibility to your fellow kingdom! So bring it all to you. Make sure you have all the refreshments you need to keep you going through the night – we don’t want you getting weak now do we?

Comfy chair

In order to create the vibe you want, you’ll have to have your own throne to sit upon. Now, this can’t be any weasly chair, you’ll need a comfy gaming chair to support you through your battles, or fasten you in when you’re racing – or whatever else you plan on doing. Ideally, you will have something that can recline to offer you total freedom and comfort. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even have built in speakers and sensors to vibrate and give you the full effect of surround sound. Remember, the more real the experience, the better the game.

Big screen

A little screen that you pulled out of the attic isn’t going to cut it. You need the best of the best to display images onto the big screen. Graphics are what really bring a game to life, so you’ll want a screen that has many different variations of contrast so that you can alter them when need be depending on the game. There is always a default setting, but any true gamer will know that that is never good enough. It’s your job to tweak things so your visual senses are being stimulated to the max. You don’t want it to feel as though you’re looking at a screen. You want it to feel like you’re inside of the game, and that can only happen when the monitor is so good that it makes everything else disappear.

So? What are you waiting for? Get that magic back and create your own new world.