Did your invite for the Oscars get lost in the post? Are you going to have to wait for another year at least to rub shoulders with celebrity A-listers and walk down the red carpet?

Then why not throw your own Oscar party and treat yourself and your friends to a taste of the highlife?

This fun graphic will take you through every step you need to take in order to throw the most glamourous, glitziest and most fun Oscar party possible.

The first stage is the invitations. As this is an Oscar party, starting Facebook group just isn’t enough by itself. Your invitations will need to show your guests just how magical an evening this is going to be. It will also need to be clear be clear on the dress code as this is an evening of glamour and sophistication, not scruffy jeans and trainers.

You could also spice the evening up with a range of fun games and activities to get your guests in the Oscars mood. So we’ve given you some of our favourite Oscar and film themed party games to play.

The Oscars is a night for high society, something your drink selection will have to live up to. So why not treat your friends to a range of classily and film star themed cocktails to help the night go swimmingly?