How to Train Your Dragon 2 will probably be my favorite animated film of the year. Yes, I was a big fan of The Lego Movie, but it didn’t have one dragon in it. You will always have me at dragons. The followup continues the adventure of Toothless and Hiccup as they expand their viking land and come across even more species of the legendary beasts.

The featurette below explains how Berk has changed since the first film. If you don’t have a dragon, you’re of the minority. Check it out below!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is directed by Dean DeBois and stars: Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard ButlerKit HaringtonCraig FergusonAmerica FerreraJonah HillChristopher Mintz-PlasseT.J. MillerDjimon Hounsou, and Kristen Wiig. The film is due out June 13th, 2014.