2012 marked the return of Marvel Legends, and they sold out everywhere. Popular characters, like Heroic Age Thor, were very, VERY,  hard to come by. Even though Hasbro promised that the figures would be available in quantity, this quickly changed as collectors and scalpers gobbled these figs up like a bag of White Castle cheeseburgers. Enter SDCC 2012. Revealing their next two waves, Hasbro is coming out strong with offerings of new, never before produced characters at the 6″ scale and touching on the obscure, ala BUILD A FIGURE Hit Monkey!!! I am personally excited to be getting a classic, Jim Lee era, Jean Grey and modern sculpts of Mystique and Dr Doom (Future Foundation variant available as well!!) . Also continuing will be their dual/variant releases. This concept ran collectors around in circles trying to find both, EVEN MORE limited (grrr) in release, figures. This year we are getting Punisher/Blade, and the interesting pairing Hyperion (Squadron Supreme fans rejoice)/Sentry. Here’s hoping that Hasbro took notes during the run of series 1 and 2. Check the video below to see all the upcoming figures!