I have never seen the original I spit on your Grave, but I have seen the remake. It was extremely brutal and violent and sadistic and I kinda loved it. Normally, I can’t deal with movies that deal with rape, which is why I had avoided the original; the the remake looked so good that I tried it out. I’m glad I did. As much as I hated that particular scene, I am a HUGE fan of revenge movies, and I was happy when the rapists got theirs; in the most evil ways possible.

Today, we have news that there is going to be a sequel to the remake. The movie will have a whole new set of characters. What will be returning is the director, Steven R. Monroe. He did a very good job for the first movie, so I have high hopes for this one. Check out below for the official synopsis.

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2 is said to focus on HOLLY, a Missouri farm girl who moves to New York in hopes of perusing a modeling career. Looking to update her profile for the big city, she meets three brothers who rape and torture her. They supposedly flee to another country where they bury her alive. She survives, like in the first, and exacts her violent revenge.

The movie is expected out sometime next year.

Thanks to JoBlo for the heads up!