I had the great opportunity to chat with Travis Falligant about his amazing artwork and illustrations and you can read our interview HERE. What made me come across him, and many others like me, was his mashup of Scooby Doo characters intermingling with popular horror icons. The result was the type of mishmash mayhem that you only dare think about in your daymares!

IB Trav is now taking his amazing ideas to the crowdsourcing scene to raise money for a limited edition run of 300 hardcover books with all of his wonderful Scooby Doo and horror mashups. Check out his video and more information about the IndieGoGo project below!

Trav partnered with our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting to get the project off the ground and it still has another 29 days to get funded. Make sure to visit the IndieGoGo page to donate, Like him on the Facebook, and follow him on the Twitters!


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