Our friend James Patrick is back again with a new comic and a new Kickstarter campaign to get it launched. We had previously chatted with Patrick about his amazing horror comic, The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb. As you can read by checking Imposter cover artout our reviews of the first two issues, he’s doing comics right.

Imposter plans on taking the genre to new levels, as the story has homages to pulp comics of the past like The Shadow and Batman, mixed with sci-fi like Flash Gordon, horror like Tales from the Crypt, and action like Tarzan and Doc Savage. Imposter has it all.

Patrick will teaming up with artist, Martin Szymanski, to deliver a 100-page graphic that will be broken up into four parts. The cover is drawn by Victor Santos (Polar, Mice Templar). It follows the story of Detective Hale Barker and the secrets he keeps in order to keep the world safe.

For your donations through the campaign you can snag copies of the book itself, either digitally or in physical form, posters, t-shirts, playing cards, and much more! This is true independent artistry at it’s best and Imposter is sure to be a huge comic when it’s released thanks to YOUR help.

Learn more about the project by checking out the video above, donating at the Kickstarter Page, and Liking Imposter on Facebook. You can also check out more great stuff from 21 Pulp by going to their website! Stay Tooned as we talk with Patrick about the project here on DFAT!

Imposter Poster