Today a comic book  legend has departed this stage of existence. Joe Kubert, born September 18th, 1926, passed away Sunday of reasons unknown, he was 85. Kubert is known for his artistic work on DC Comics’ Sgt. Rock and Hawkman along with many independent comic companies. He also had short stint as DC’s director of publications in the 70’s. Kubert was inducted into the  Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1997, and the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1998. But Kubert is probably best known as the founder of The Kubert School, dedicated to education in the field of graphic art and cartooning in Dover, New Jersey. His two sons, Adam and Andy, were two of his most famous students.

“A titan among comic-book artists whose work stretched from the Golden Age of the superhero to the gritty realism of the graphic novel.”  –New York Times

Here is a quote from a past interview with The Daily News:
“I was about 11 years old, living in East New York in Brooklyn, and for a nickel I was about to go down into Manhattan on Canal St. where MLJ was located and I knocked on a door. I put together some sketches using my bags from my father’s butcher store, and the guys were the kindest, nicest in the world. They gave me pencils, paper, brushes. About a year later, I was about 12, I was able to sell my first piece of work, and believe me it wasn’t because I was any good. It just filled up five pages of a 64-page magazine which they could afford to throw away.”

RIP Joe Kubert, you will be missed