When Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the team behind the first Independence Day film, said that they were working on a sequel; everyone thought of Will Smith coming back to the series. It’s the film that made him a big star, and it only seemed appropriate that he’d want to kick more alien butt. Yet, the actor has too much of a massive ego now and wants too much money, even though his last films have been horrendous.

Independence Day 2 jeff goldblum and bill pullman

What’s better than Will Smith coming back to the franchise? How’s about Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum? Those are the only other two who really need to come back and I’m excited that they’ll be returning.

My vision is Bill Pullman in a retirement home, you pan in to see him old and grisled and an Army officer sits down to talk to him. Pullman looks up from staring placidly at the floor and says, “So they’re back…I knew this day would come.” Scene fades to black and INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 hits the screen.

Obviously, that’s how it’s going to happen, but we’ll keep you posted as more ID4:2 news comes here to DFAT!

What do you Towelites think of this news?