Elegy for a Dead World
At PAX East I overheard someone talking about this game, and I was intrigued. It was an experimental writing game but I didn’t get to play it. Needless to say, the concept excited me and I have been stalking their website ever since.
It isn’t out yet but I am EAGER to hand them my money. It’s been nominated for a Best Indie Game award at E3.
Much to my dismay it isn’t out yet. But they promise it will hit PC, Mac and Linux soon. So, look at these pictures and video!

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From the developer, Dejobaan Games:
They sent a poet.
The scientists, historians, and statesmen never arrived.
Three worlds, each home to a long-dead civilization.
You must be the speaker for these ancient peoples. 
Write whatever you are moved to by their landscapes. 
Write to share the joys and sorrows buried in their rubble. 
Write what you can imagine of their origins, existence, and fates. 
Your word is all that keeps these worlds from being forgotten.”