Two of DFAT Comics very own releases are now available at comiXology. Inferi and Hollowed Issue #1 are here for you readers for the low, low digital price of $2.99 a piece!

Inferi follows the adventures of 3 Quantico students and their Professor who travel the globe solving crimes committed by mythological creatures. Little do they know that’s just the beginning as a shadowy organization watches their every move and makes plans of it’s own to stop our intrepid heroes.
Hollowed is a Sci-Fi Horror Comedy that follows the stories of Detectives Vasquez and Tyler as they hunt down a brutal serial killer that hollows out the bodies of its victims. You’ll follow our detectives across states to track down this diabolical deviant with some help that they find along the way. The world of Hollowed is atmospheric, gritty, and oftentimes a lot more darkly comedic than you might expect.