Towelites how are you enjoying the smash EPIC hit Injustice: Gods Among Us?! Three of us here at DFAT are already enjoying it so if you want a challenge hit us up! Anywho we have some news for you on the DLC front, first up check out these new cool skins! We are getting a lot of original Teen Titan alternatives and some different looks for three of the games ‘Bad Girls‘. Both costume packs are available for download today for $2.99 a piece along with LOBO and the FREE Flashpoint Batman skin! Great day for those season pass holders ($4.99 if you don’t), unfortunately the skin packs are not included with the pass but who can argue when we are getting quality DLC this soon!

DC Injustice Skin Pack 2 DC Injustice Skin Pack 1

DC Injustice Flashpoint Batman DLC

DC Injustice Batgirl DLC

One more great piece of news today, the next DLC character has been officially announced and it will be the previously hinted at Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. No date has been announced for her release but I am sure that it will be accompanied with some more kick-ass DLC skins or perhaps some new boards! Who knows NetherRealm is doing a great job so far!!

Stay tooned 😛

~CynicNerd $11 limited edition tshirts!