red sonVideo games that come with sweet pre-order bonuses are the best. Not only do you get a crazy amount of additional content when you order the collector’s edition, but when you order from Gamestop you get the EXCLUSIVE Costume and Mission Set based on the story Red Son by Mark Millar! Skins plus missions! Count me in! If you haven’t read Red Son, do so. With this set you get Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy. I kinda wish they would have included the Batman skin since he was a major player in the story, but whatevs.  This is still the best exclusive out there for the game, cooler than both the Blackest Night, and Arkham City skin sets available at other retailers. Stick to Gamestop when it comes to preordering, it usually pays off,.

Oh hey side note if anyone happens to have 10,000 or more gamestop points then get over there and pick up as many of the Star Wars #1 variant covers, then sell them on EBay. Just sayin….


Injustice: Gods Among Us hits stores on April 16th!!!

Stay tooned 😛

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