Rarely does a fighting game hold my attention. Rarely do I ever buy them. The last game I owned was Marvel Vs Capcom 3, which I sold within the week. I know that people really love that series, and for the button smashers out there it is more than appropriate. I have always been a fan of the Soul Calibur series, but mostly because I used to sit around with my friends and it was a social thing. Since its inception the Mortal Kombat series I have enjoy them mostly. I have not played the most recent entries and from what I’ve heard that MK9 was exceptional. So what does NetherRealm do? They up the ante, and for all the hype that went into this game they knocked this one out of the park and delivered a masterpiece.

Injustice 1

Warning Spoilage Ahead!

If you don’t know what the plot of Injustice is, the writers decided to base it somewhere within the old mythos, what I believe to be pre-New 52. Why? Mostly because of the use of the “multi-verse” something that DC Comics has only introduced in their new continuity in a minor way with Earth 2. On this alternate Earth the Joker kidnaps Lois Lane and tricks Superman by gassing him with a mind-altering Scarecrow and Joker gas mixture that makes him believe that Lois is Doomsday. Injustice is not a light-hearted game, believe me (which is one reason why I have a big problem with its T rating). With Superman not thinking or seeing straight, he ends up killing Lois and his unborn child, not only that the Joker sets off a nuke destroying Metropolis. With his wife, child, and city gone, Superman loses it and murders the Joker, right in front of Batman. WOW. Now of course this isn’t the real Superman, but the question is raised by the real Superman later in the game, if he would have done the same thing. So after this heinous act, “Dark” Superman loses his marbles and start a new world order where either you sign up with him, or in the case of that world’s Green Arrow, you get murdered by Superman. Crazy stuff here. Batman who of course stands against Superman’s Regime, gathers those villains and heroes who are willing to fight against the tyrant as the Insurgency. Mostly the Insurgency consists of villains who refused to join Superman, which is an interesting plot point later when our heroes are forced to team up with them. So begins the game, heroes from the “real” DCU have just stopped the Joker from nuking Metropolis so the Insurgency teleports Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, and the Joker! I don’t want to spoil the rest of the game, for some reason a lot of gamers did not enjoy the storyline, as a big DC fan I found it to be entertaining and something that could work as one of their animated features.

Injustice 2

Everything about the game feels great, I have always had a hard time with fighting games due to having to remember series after series of moves to make the game flow well. It is not the case here, combos seem to link easier and the incorporation of supermoves and interactive environments make this a different experience. Originally introduced in MK vs DC, the ability to knock your opponent to another part of the board has been revamped and enhanced. The story mode alone is well worth buying the game, but there is so much more! There is your normal Battle Mode in this game but the best part of it is there are more or less 15 different battle modes allowing a many different ways to change the difficulty and challenge yourself. BUT WAIT there’s more! Another great part of the game is S.T.A.R Labs challenges for every fighter in the game. These missions send you up against different scenarios and award you with stars (3 in each mission) that you can spend your lifetime trying to complete. I have only started these so I have a lot of playtime ahead of me. But this is what I love about the game, even when the story mode is finished I don’t feel that all that’s left is to battle friends or play online. Even the online component of the game adds huge amount value to the game, most of the matches are based on your ranking so you are pitted against fighters of your caliber, but within all of this are daily challenges and other goals that you can work towards to unlock some great items in the game, including alternate skins. SO let me talk about this for a second, the alternate skins in this game are amazing! What is available for some characters is more than others, but that’s ok. I bought the collector’s edition and the season pass so I automatically got both New 52 skins and Flashpoint skins which are only the beginning. Impressive is all I can say, because alternate costumes have always been one of my favorite aspects of fighting games, and I’m not even sure how many more are left to unlock, it could be tons. I already have 5 for both Superman and Wonder Woman if that tells you anything. So what’s next for the game? Well with the season pass we are looking at the addition of 4 more playable characters, Lobo was the first to be announced, no surprise there. DC has been trying to raise the popularity of the “Main Man” via the comics and hopeful movie, so this game is a good start. Who else will we see? It’s hard to speculate, there are many possibilities. I am hoping for Black Canary, she would be a great choice with her martial arts and sonic scream, a lot of neat combos.

Injustice 3
Injustice: Gods Among Us gets 9 stars outta 10. For its genre, Injustice takes the mechanics of a normal fighter and makes it 100 times more entertaining. Like I said the story mode alone makes this game worth the buy, the concept of building a fighting game within the comic book world is awesome. I recommend this game to anyone who is a DC fan, even if you are not a true fighting game fan, give it a try. This project is for the fanboys and it does not disappoint.

Stay tooned 😛




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