Make your own battles!

DC Collectibles is all about building your 3.75′” action figure line and what a better way to do it than release these beauties based on the upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us! I wonder who they will partner with the Flash? Any guesses Towelites?! These figures will be released over 2013, check them out over at where you can preorder them!


 Doomsday COMETH!!!

Another epic character has been announced to the roster of Injustice! The Superman killer himself Doomsday is ready to rumble! Check out his sick finishing move at the end of the video!


 Zombify your favorite hero or villain!

So have your pre-ordered the game yet? Well if not there are a few choices on the special DLC for the game including this one from Geoff Johns epic Blackest Night which can be found only at Amazon! But I still recommend going to Gamestop for the Red Son pack! Communists or Zombies, YOU DECIDE!


Injustice: Gods Among Us hits stores on April 16th!

Stay tooned 😛




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