There are those of you who think that Zod is a mere Superman clone, which he could be and NetherRealm could have simply made a Superman skin for Zod, but they didnt. This of course is good news for those of you who think that eating some Kryptonite vitamins can give you the power to defeat Superman, now you can play as the Kryptonian military leader and bring the big blue boy scout down properly! Check out the latest trailer for the General Zod DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Zod will be available on July 2nd, he is the final character for the season pass and can be purchased for both PS3 and XBOX 360.



Also coming our way are some new skins, you know cuz you have to collect them all! This time around we are getting the Man of Steel skin for Superman and a new skin pack featuring the characters in the teaser below, can you figure out who it will be! Sound off in the comments if you do!


Superman Injustice Man of Steel

Injustice Skin teaser


Stay Tooned 😛




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