Unless you were one of those people who chose the Arkham skin pack preorder bonus over the obvious choice of the Red Son “package”, like me you don’t have many alternate looks for the Clown Prince of Crime. But what would Barbara Gordon be without her number one nemesis, the Joker? Well the next skin pack to be released will be 3 different versions of the Joker from Alan Moore‘s classic Batman tale, The Killing Joke. In this pack we will see Final Confrontation Joker, Red Hood, and the “Tourist” Joker. No release date has been set for the pack but I’m sure that it will be right around the time we see the next DLC character, Batgirl. Check out the official images below!

The Killing Joke Joker Injustice 1 The Killing Joke Joker Injustice 2 The Killing Joke Joker Injustice 3

Stay tooned 😛


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