Knowing that this is a Christopher Nolan film, you tend to know he gets philosophical about human nature.  He tackles the issue of our dependability upon fossil fuel and the consequences that go with it.  The earth is dying, the food supply is scarce, and pretty soon the planet will be uninhabitable.  So what do we do?  We try to find another planet to inhabit for the future of mankind.  This deals with the question that plagues scientists for a long time, how long does the planet have before it dies?  interstellar matthew mcconaugheyDo we have the capability to fix our dilemma?

Matthew McConaughey plays a widower, Cooper, who lives in farm country trying to raise two kids through a very tough crop season.  Taking place in the near future, the governments of the world try to live in a more agricultural society and push any scientific involvement aside because it deems not practical in society today.  Being a former NASA pilot and engineer, Cooper tickles his imagination and scientific mind by trying to upgrade his farming equipment and other fellow farmers as well.  But it’s his daughter, Murph, short for Murphy, his father in law, and an old NASA colleague, to convince him that his scientific background can save the people of the world.

Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy, play Cooper’s daughter in different time periods in Cooper’s life.  They are the spitting image of each other with the fiery red hair and the alabaster skin.  Their performances are great and it nearly stole the jessica chastain interstellarfilm.  I was really impressed with the young Murph.  Mackenzie stole my heart portraying a daughter who idolizes her father, but became deeply hurt when he left her to go to space.  Even though her screen time isn’t much, I will remember her.  Jessica Chastain did a great job as the older version of Murph.  The pain and anger for her father is still there, but she still loves him and hasn’t given up hope that he will come back for her.  The connection between father and daughter echoes throughout the film and that’s what drives Cooper to do what he has to do to get back home.  Matthew took the role of a man trying to keep his family safe to the ultimate test.  Literally, he would go to the ends of the universe to make sure that his family will live.  It is a very powerful performance from Matthew and it might be another Oscar nomination in the future for him.

Anne Hathaway is another actor who can give a commanding performance in whatever film she is in.  I believe this is her second film with Christopher Nolan.  The first one was The Dark Knight Rises, where she plays Catwoman.  She portrays strength and vulnerability in her character.  Her character, Amelia Brand, is a scientist dedicated to saving the human race by any means necessary.  Her attitude and persona gives her character heart, dedication, and appeal.  Amelia and Cooper’s bond is strong from the beginning, even when at times when they are put in difficult situations.  Michael Caine, who plays Professor anne hathaway interstellarBrand, Amielia’s father did a good job.  His character symbolizes the ancient scientific world that tries to entice Cooper into going on this extraordinary mission to save humanity, Michael pulls it off well.  I can’t forget TARS, a sarcastic, opinionated, three-legged robot that accompanies the space traveling team.  He is voiced by Bill Irvin.  I’m sure what films he’s been in, but if you see his face, you might recognize him.  He is great as a comic relief to a very serious dramatic space odyssey.

Even though this film is almost three hours long, the time went by pretty fast.  The special effects are mind-blowing.  I only wish I could have seen this in IMAX, maybe next time.  Even though the film is science fiction, the story is thought-provoking and cerebral.  It makes you think about the time we have left on this world and what will be our next step in human history.  It also raises questions about life on other planets and will that be our ultimate path to survive.  We have already mapped out places where theoretically we can survive, so are we thinking about this?  Is the planet doomed?  This is definitely a must see film.

I give this film four and a half movie stubs out of five.

Interstellar IMAX