I’ve been a Brad Bird fan for as long as I remember, and that started with his first film, The Iron Giant. Voiced by Vin Diesel, it tells the story of a boy and his robot. It’s heartwarming, brilliant, and launched the career of a man who could be the next Spielberg. Mondo is taking their love of their film and giving the ‘Giant’ the royal treatment, in the form of an amazing toy.

The figure will come with a hefty price tag, but $300 dollars is a small price to pay for the amazingness you get. 30 points of articulation, interchangeable heads, light-up eyes, and more. Take a look at the pictures below and prepare your wallets.

the-iron-giant-mondo-figure the-iron-giant-mondo-figure-1 the-iron-giant-mondo-figure-3 the-iron-giant-mondo-figure-2 the-iron-giant-mondo-figure-5

Via Mondo’s blog:

The figure features over 30 points of articulation and a variety of accessories allowing you to transform the Iron Giant into all of his notable incarnations. You’ll receive two interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic “S” that can be detached from a Seafood sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm” when things get tense, a Hogarth mini-figure that sits perfectly in his hand, and of course, a girder to munch on. Additionally, the figure includes a sound feature with favorite Iron Giant quotes from the film.

Mondo will be announcing when the The Iron Giant figure will be available to purchase tomorrow. Follow them on their Twitter to find out just when that is!