Radioactive Man?!

Casting rumor news from the set of Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, reveals that the role of Iron Man baddie, the Radioactive Man, may have been filled. Wang Xueqi (Bodyguards and Assassins) has been tapped to portray the scientist turned Mandarin lackey, I kid. Radioactive Man is a pretty important bad guy when it comes to the Marvel Universe. His appearance, along with rumors of Baron Zemo eventually showing up in a Captain America sequel, COULD lead us to the Masters of Evil fighting against the Avengers. What do you think of that!! Thanks to for the heads up!


Mark XLVII Armor!?

The most interesting thing about Iron Man, besides RDJ playing him, is the different armors that Tony Stark builds to battle bad and good guys alike. Other than that I’ve never been a huge Iron Man fan. BUT apparently for Iron Man 3 we may be getting a look at what is called the Mark XLVII (47) armor. The Mach 47 armor has the ability to allow Tony Stark to have total control over ALL of his other armors as drones. This sounds amazing, I cannot wait to see how it plays out. Thanks to Latino-Review for the scoop!


Stay Tooned 😛