While the name Steven Spielberg might ring with most of you (at least it better have), what you might not know is the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  You might also be unaware that it looks like Spielberg might be directing the upcoming film based on the book.

A few months back it was told the rights for Ready Player One we purchases by Warner Bros.  and according to Deadline, Warner Bros released a statement welcoming Spielberg back and excited to have him direct the film.  Last time Spielberg was with Warner was back in ’87 with Empire of the Sun.


There have been a couple instances of incorrect information provided in the past, and Spielberg directing sounds almost too good to be true, so until there is more confirmation…  That being said, it does indeed seem to be true and if so, it’s absolutely awesome.

You see, Spielberg needs no introduction.  He’s a master at what he does, and has 3 Oscars on his shelf, along with over 130 other awards!  But what might need introduction is the book Ready Player One.  Needless to say, Ernest Cline is a great writer.  No matter how good the story, if the writing isn’t good, than it’s no good.  But Cline has a way with words that feels comfortable.

Ready Player One Book

What is more important, is his ability to bring to life his imagination.  You see the story takes place in a dystopian future where the online world has become a virtual one, and has encompassed so much, that everyone basically lives in it for the most part.  And in this online world, there is a contest of the biggest proportions… one that brings the best and worst out of people, and death becomes no laughing matter.  Cline’s vision is eerily real though… I possibility of how things might evolve.  This brings some realism to the world that makes the adventure all the more thrilling.  But the delicious cherry on top of the ice cream sunday that is the book, is the fact that the contest revolves around a love for the 80’s… and so the story is literally littered with movie, television, music, book and video game references from the 80’s and 90’s, and it’s absolutely AMAZING.  So amazing, that only a director with Spielberg’s talent can do it justice.

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