Its amusing how nothing these days can be done in secret, it’s the magic of the internet that within 24 hours of someone doing, well, anything, it can be known around the world. Such is the case with Sony, which has registered a host of domain names, all having the words console and war in them, strongly hinting that somethings a foot there. The interesting part, as reported by Fusible, who broke the story, is that it was not Sony Computer Entertainment who registered the names, rather, Sony Pictures, the branch responsible for the movie side of the business.

So the question is, what exactly is this going to amount to, are we going to be a Social Network Esq drama, about the founders of the video game industry in the 80’s, or are we going to be looking at more modern times? Which let’s be honest, would really be a good call, cause with Sony producing there’s going to be some bias. So lets hope for my personal suggestion of where this should go, a terminator/transformers mash-up where all of our console gain sentience and proceed to try and kill us!

Either way look for more updates to this as we hear about them at DAFT!