What do you get when you mix four self-centered scumbags, a crazy bird-chick, and a short insane fat man (aka: the troll)?

You get another season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Season 9 begins tonight, at 10pm (9c).  And it looks like the gang has a whole new channel for their antics – FX has expanded some of their shows to their new, sibling channel, FXX.


The channel, having just officially started on September 2nd, will obviously differ depending on your network and provider. Click here to look up what channel FXX will be on for you, and tune in for a whole new season of ‘taking things too far’ (or maybe not far enough?).

FXX will also be taking with it The LeagueTotally Biased, and Legit among other shows.


Check out It’s Always Sunny tonight, and let’s see how this season goes – cause so far, this show has been holding it’s own, and I’m personally excited to see what they bring us this year!