abrams comic conDeadline is reporting that director J.J. Abrams has sealed the deal with Disney to direct the upcoming relaunch of the Star Wars franchise under the Walt Disney umbrella. According to Deadline a source with “knowledge” of the situation says “It’s a done deal”. Abrams was heavily sought after by Kathleen Kennedy and Disney for the past few months and finally all that work has some great fruit to bear. With his successful relaunch of the Star Trek franchise it will be interesting to see what direction Abrams takes the SW universe in. Abrams will be joining writer Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) to make the movie for a release in 2015. All of this has happened so quickly since Disney acquired Star Wars from George Lucas back in October for $4 billion dollars. Fans have high hopes for the future of the Star Wars franchise as do we here at DFAT! So keep checking back Towelites! for more developments on the Abrams acquisition and come back every Sunday for DFAT’s Star Wars Sundays!

May the Force be with you!