When we saw the first trailer for J. J. Abrams upcoming project, “Stranger,” many people were hoping it would be a new movie or television series. Well, we finally have details that it’s a novel that Abrams came up with, alongside writer Doug Dorst.

[box_light]The novel tales the story of two college students named Eric and Jennifer. The twist is that the two interact by writing in the margins of a novel called Ship of Theseus by the fictional author V.M. Straka.[/box_light]

When reader pick up the novel, ‘S.’ they will get a copy of Theseus with scrawled margin notes. Also, the package includes physical items, like newspaper clippings and a cocktail napkin.

The book is expected to hit stores on October 29th and I’ll be there to check it out. Anything that Abrams and his company, Bad Robot have a part in turn out interesting to say the least.