We knew from the after-credits sequence in the first Spider-Man Homecoming film that Michael Keaton would likely be coming back for the sequel. His role as The Vulture was one of the best cinematic villains for Marvel and I’m sure he had a blast in the role. What we didn’t know, is who would be the main villain for part 2. Today, we learn that Jake Gyllenhaal will be donning the fish globe and becoming Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio!

A little about the character:

Debuting in The Amazing Spider-Man #13, Mysterio is Quentin Beck, a special effects wizard and stunt man working for a major Hollywood studio with dreams of making a name for himself in the film industry. However, he came to see his career in special effects as a dead-end job. His attempts to become an actor were poorly received, but he realized that his expertise in illusions could make him an effective supervillain.

I’ve been wanting to see a big-screen version of Mysterio since his appearances in the ’90s cartoon and I think that Gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor. Pair him up with Keaton and Tom Holland and this movie is shaping to be extraordinary. Not only that, this is the first film that directly follows the aftermath of Avengers 4; so there’s no telling what the state of NY is going to be like. I’m sure primed for weird super villains to bust out of the woodwork.

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