When I think about my favorite First-Person Shooter of all-time, my mind instantly goes to James Bond: Goldeneye. The world had never seen such graphics, such weapons, and access to some of the best rogue’s gallery ever in which to shoot. Couple all that with the amazing 007 Soundtrack and Pierce Brosnan’s blocky hair; and you have video game gold. Now, the developers at GLU Mobile and MGM want to bring the James bond cinematic world, to the mobile one.

“Bond offers a deep catalogue of thematic inspiration for gaming. We are honored by the opportunity to be the first to bring such a storied franchise to free-to-play mobile gaming,” said Niccolo de Masi, Glu CEO. “We look forward to delivering a never before seen gameplay experience on mobile for the passionate worldwide community of Bond fans.”

“Glu has an established track record producing high-fidelity mobile games and we are confident in the company’s ability to deliver an experience worthy of the Bond name,” said Gary Barber, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The James Bond mobile game will be released in the Summer of 2015.