Recently, James Cameron sat down and chatted to MTV News about his upcoming Titanic bluray release. I’ve never seen Titanic and could really care less what he had to say. I’m more interested in the fact that he mentioned some tidbits of the Avatar sequels, which I will share those with you now. While talking to a VJ, Cameron mostly focused on a 4th Avatar film.

“I have an idea for a fourth,” Cameron said. “I haven’t really put pen to paper on it, but basically it goes back to the early expeditions of Pandora, and kind of what went wrong with the humans and the Na’vi and what that was like to be an explorer and living in that world.”

“Because when we drop in, even in the first film in ‘Avatar 1,’ as it will be known in the future, we’re dropping into a process that’s 35 years in to a whole colonization,” Cameron continued of his interest in an “Avatar” prequel. “That will complete an arc and if that leads into more, we’ll start, not imitating ‘Star Wars,’ but it’s a logical thing to do because we’ll have completed the thematic arc by the end of three. The only thing left to do is go back to see what it was like on those first expeditions and create some new characters that then become legacy characters in later films. It’s a plan.”

So, THREE Avatar sequels? That is just FINE by me! I love everything that Cameron does on Pandora, and I will be one of the first in line to see where he decides to take these films. His idea for the 4th film is pretty entertaining as a prequel as well. My only wish is that he can hurry up and write these films so we can see them on the big screen. Knowing Cameron it could be at LEAST another 3 years, and by then he’ll probably have invented 5D animation; which means it will be worth the wait.

We’ll keep you posted on more Avatar news as it comes in, here at DFAT.