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With the success of Rot World, the end of his best known comic Sweet Tooth, and his new role as writer of Green Arrow, Jeff Lemire is red-hot these days. So what else is down the pipeline for this comic mega-star? ComicBookMovie.com is speculating that Lemire may be developing a team-book based on the following characters: Kamandi, Red Tornado, Jemm Son of Saturn, and The Specter . Lemire posted the following images on his Twitter:


So what do you think Towelites? Is this a great way for DC to bring these rather obscure characters into the New 52 universe? Is Lemire pulling our leg and seeing what the reaction by the fans is? Will he write only one of these characters? Whatever it may be, I would love to see Lemire involved in something more “out there” than the main stream superhero genre writing. Even though I very am excited for his Green Arrow arc, I think he works best with characters like Justice League Dark, Frankenstein, Animal Man, etc. So perhaps we will see some developments with these characters in the near future! Now that Lemire is wrapping up his masterpiece Sweet Tooth and will have more creative time on his hands, I hope so!


Stay Tooned 😛


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