The best way to put this mildly is that Jeff Lemire may be the best comic book writer out there right now. If you’ve read any of the Big 2 in the last few years, then most likely you’ve come across a Lemire comic. Old Man Logan, Moon Knight, Green Arrow, Animal Man, and the list goes on. Every single on of those comics has been amazing and now it looks like his exclusive contract at Marvel may be done.

In the upcoming slate of ‘Make Mine Marvel’ releases coming out this Summer, Lemire is not attached to a single one. He joins the ranks of many great writers whose left the publisher including: Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ed Brubaker, Rick Remender. All of whom have left to do their own creator-owned comics at Dark Horse or Image. Lemire also still has ties to Valiant as he is working on the upcoming Bloodshot: Salvation.

What does this mean for Marvel? It certainly means we’ll be taking a dip in the writing on those characters. Will Brian Michael Bendis just write every comic ever for the publisher? Stay Tooned to DFAT to learn more!